Management of MFADV

Top Management:

The MFADVU organizational structure reflects the top management of the organization which consists of three entities – the Board of Directors, the General Assembly, and the Executive Director.

The Board is responsible for a number of tasks, like appointing and supervising the Executive Director, develop and approve budgets, among others. Board members are also supposed to champion the organization’s cause, and represent the organization to the larger community and also help to raise fund for their projects.

The Executive Director is responsible for the overall direction in which the organization moves, and the responsibility for managing the day-to-day activities of the organization. The Executive Director is also member of the board he acts as its Executive Secretary. He reports to the Board.

The MFADVU Board of Directors and the Executive Director are assisted by advisors. These advisors are optional, but are useful to create a good image of the organization, and enhance its “brand name” besides providing specialist advice for the organization.

The MFADVU General Assembly is a group of all MFADVU members, including its board members. The MFADVU General Assembly meets annually on the Annual General Meeting.

While day-to-day decisions activities and management are taken care of by the board, the executive director and the staff members, but the highest body that guides and advises the overall development and progress of MFADVU is the General Assembly.

Staff Members

MFADVU U Staff are responsible for the day-to-day functioning, and implementing of its programmes and projects. They report to the Executive Director, who is the overall, responsible for the organizations activities. These fall into three groups – responsible for activities related to administration, publicity and programmes/projects.

MFADVU U Administrative activities are led by an administrative manager. This manager have several staff members assisting her, including a Finance Manager or a Membership Coordinator. Besides MFADVU financial management, a finance Manager is also responsible for fund-raising activities. He works closely with the staff members responsible for communications and dissemination, as well as those responsible for programmes/projects. The MFADVU membership coordinator manages all the MFADVU members, membership fees, customer relations among others.

MFADVU Communications and dissemination Manager handles all the activities in the organization which falls under Communication. This manager is assisted by other staff members such as a Public Relations Assistant, a Publications Assistant, or a Web/Social Media Assistant. The Public Relations assistant works closely with both the Finance manager and Membership Coordinator on one hand, and the Programme Manager on the other, to publicize its activities and build a “brand name” for the organization. Similarly, the publications assistant works with the public relations and web/social media assistant in order to make sure the MFADV’s publications are disseminated widely and in a timely manner.

MFADVU U Programme and project activities are led by a Program manager. This is the biggest department of the organization. Programme Manager is assisted by several Project Assistants, Training Assistants, and other Assistants, depending on the number and size of the projects being implemented. Short-term external consultants, who provide specific services for projects, Legal officers and Counselors, and field staff who are appointed to implement projects in the target community, also fall under this section.