Programs and Objective

The organizations objectives evolve from its vision of reviving the honour and nobility of family institution in Uganda and globally, and is further emphasized in its mission to Promote an interactive communication, stable families and enhancing development in society especially for Men, Women and Children.

  • Psycho-social support to GBV victims.
  • Men and GBV, HIV/AIDS, SRHR.
  • Legal support to GBV victims.
  • Economic empowerment of families.
  • Men & Health.
  • Fatherhood.
  • Men‘s Forum Discussions



MFADVU U empower Men to be responsible for their families through mobilization campaigns, Voluntary Services and internship. Under protection a man is sensitized to take care of his family, to


MFADVU U deploys a comprehensive media strategy to raise the profiles and the visibility of Gender Based Violence in Uganda to ensure gender equality and access to justice in cases

Capacity Building

MFADVU U conducts training workshops, conferences and seminars with different stakeholders tailored to gender equality in Uganda. In capacity building MFADVU has formed and trained groups of people on the


Under Empowerment program MFADVU is now increasingly used and connected to social development groups such as Male Action Groups, Village Savings and loan Associations (VSLA’s). More than 50 Male Action