The organizations objectives evolve from its vision of reviving the honour and nobility of family institution in Uganda and globally, and is further emphasized in its mission to Promote an interactive communication, stable families and enhancing development in society especially for Men, Women and Children.

Our declared objectives are;

  1. To advocate and provide for human rights of men and their families.
  1. To empower Men to be responsible for their families through mobilization campaigns, Voluntary Services and internship.
  1. To sensitize men about the dangers of HIV/AIDS, its spread and protection from it as well as empowering those infected with the disease to live positive lives.
  1. To promote participatory decision making in families to ensure unity and healthy communication.
  1.  To provide a forum for exchange of ideas, technical skills and resources by professional Human Rights activists, Gender activists and media practitioners.
  1. To network with Governmental and NGO’S with similar objectives and well-wishers in the country and abroad to foster development and raise the status of families as well as achieve solidarity.

To reach these objectives, the activities of the organization are implemented under the following programmes: capacity building, advocacy and protection.


MFADVU implements comprehensive training’s tailored to the needs of men’s rights defence in the Uganda with the aim to equip them with skills that enable them to enhance the efficiency of their work and ensure better individual men protection through improved personal capacities and familiarity with handling situations of crisis and threat.

The organization recognizes the specific needs of groups of men’s rights defenders such as journalists, men’s rights defenders working in situation of marital conflict among others.

In the long term, MFADVU seeks to conduct national training workshops for men’s rights defenders in each district that will not only enhance their capacity but will initiate the formation of district coalitions of men’s rights defence. These coalitions are to act on the challenges faced at districts and feed into the secretariat work of the organization. Having effectively organised district coalitions will bundle the potential to strengthen intervention for the protection of men on national level.


MFADVU deploys a comprehensive media strategy to raise the profiles and the visibility of men rights defenders in the Uganda to ensure the respect of their rights and access to justice in cases of violations. Through media, lobbying and campaigning, the organisation puts its weight behind the men and their defender risking in the defence of the rights of men. An effective strategy is deployed to increase the profile of men’s rights defenders particularly defenders of men. District solidarity is promoted as well as information shared and awareness rose on relevant issues across a variety of technological mediums.

A wide base of contacts has been built with the media to reinforce and institutionalize networking. We intend to have public media campaigns to be undertaken to increase the recognition of their contributions and work country-wide. This campaigning and awareness rising, throughout the country is a vital component in the on-going countering of public perceptions of men’s rights defenders and their work. It will provide stronger
legitimacy to their work, strengthen understanding of their crucial advocacy role and enhance a longer-term change in public opinion.

The organisation also lobbies national and international policy and decision makers on the protection of men’s rights in accordance with international human rights standards. Further efforts are made to engage with authorities and relevant institutions on national level such as Parliament and National Human Rights Commissions in the advancement of men’s rights. A comprehensive strategy is to target policy change and the strengthening of enforcement mechanisms for a better protection of men.


MFADVU runs a protection programme for men men’s rights defenders at risk. This entails soliciting assistance in emergency situations to either reach the men in the place of emergency. Technical and psycho-social support to men and other crucial assistance is provided on a case by case basis regularly and the continuation of their human rights work.


MFADV’s management is supervised by the Programme Officer who monitors project progress, staff performance, meeting reporting deadlines and compliance with grant requirements. In the financial management of grants, the Programme Officer is supported by a time accountant. She reports to the Executive Director who is a member of the Board of Directors as well as the organisation Advisory Council.

The organisation operates strict financial policies that regulate expenditures and financial decision-making. All financial transactions require dual authorisation. The internal hierarchy furthermore provides for monitoring of cash flow and regular internal reporting on expenditures. An annual audit of accounts by certified auditors provides donors with information on the financial management within the organisation. The information from the auditors will be made available to all funders.

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