Community Outreaches

In the operation of MFADVU, the word “community” refers to its (target group or beneficiaries). In doing so, the following are the activities that fall under the Community Outreach Project.

Under this Project MFADVU goes down to the ground conducting community seminars in different communities sharing information with community members about Gender Based Violence and other related issues.MFADV started with Kampala district, Mukono and Wakiso. Now has moved on to other districts like Mpigi, Buikwe and Gomba with an intension of covering up the whole country.A lot of work has been done in communities through mobilization and sensitizations campaigns, groups of men and women known as Community Activists who acts as MFADVU agents in their communities.In MFADVU outreaches there are also door to door family meetings. This works more in our clients families were MFADVU team go and share information with the rest of family members. In this program 100 families have been visited so far and a follow ups are still going on.

Formation of Male Action Group

Men’s Forum Against Domestic Violence Uganda in order to work with men in all corners, the Organization has successfully formed Male Action Groups.Where MFADVU team goes to the community sensitize them and then after a group of 30 men formed, men voluntarily join these groups after sensitization, and elect their own leaders.The role of members include;Saving scheme/seed money, sensitization on different issues especially about the need for Gender equality, sharing experiences, support for each other in need. After forming these groups MFADVU continue to support, monitor and evaluate. Members who perform very well upgrade to “Male Champions” who act as agents of change. So far 30 groups have been formed in districts of Mukono, Wakiso and Kampala

Working with Fathers’ Groups

In order to involve  fathers in child upbringing, MFADVU works with groups of fathers. These are categorized into two the single fathers who are given special attention and the normal/ordinary fathers.In these groups men/fathers voluntarily join and share experiences especially on child upbringing.MFADV went ahead to engage them on Fathers Day which is celebrated every year on 21st June.

Like in Male Action Groups Fathers who perform very well upgrade to “Heroes” who acts as agents of change.

XM indonesia MFADVU has formed 10 groups of Father’s in Wakiso and Kampala districts.