MFADVU U empower Men to be responsible for their families through mobilization campaigns, Voluntary Services and internship. Under protection a man is sensitized to take care of his family, to perform all the duties which make him a good citizen in the country.
MFADVU goes ahead to call upon all men who suffer domestic violence quietly to break the silence. Also gives psycho- social support to the victims of domestic violence to the entire family members including men, women and children.

Under protection MFADVU involves men into income generating activities in order to reduce on poverty and idleness which in most cases results to violation acts like domestic violence, robbery, involving in demonstration acts among others.
MFADVU goes ahead to involve men in family planning campaigns, and also sensitize men about the dangers of HIV& AIDS, its spread & protection from it as well as empowering those affected with the disease to live a positive live.

Under the protection program MFADVU focuses on sensitizing men and boys about the need for gender equality, their duties and responsibilities, powers and limitations to enable them treat their female counter parts with the dignity they deserve.