Mission, vision and Objectives


A world of revived honour and nobility of family institutions.


To promote interactive dialogue for family stability and sustainable development of society by engaging men and boys as entry points.


As an organization which fights Gender Based Violence working with grass root communities, we cherish the following values and principles as guiding lights:

  1. Unity in diversity
  2. People-centered development, where gender equality and equity, peace, love, justice to all is not discriminative and sustainable uses of resources are basics of socio-economic development.
  3. Legitimacy in society on the basis of its membership.
  4. Enhanced family institutional development through sharing of the abundant skills and experiences among members of the organization.
  5. Ability to work with Government and other stakeholders while maintaining an independent and critical stance.
  6. Integrity and professionalism through transparent and accountable structures.
  7. Political non-partisanship and respect for the rule of law and human rights.

Our declared objectives are;

  1. To advocate and provide for human rights of men and their families.
  1. To empower Men to be responsible for their families through mobilization campaigns, Voluntary Services and internship.
  1. To sensitize men about the dangers of HIV/AIDS, its spread and protection from it as well as empowering those infected with the disease to live positive lives.
  1. To promote participatory decision making in families to ensure unity and healthy communication.
  1.  To provide a forum for exchange of ideas, technical skills and resources by professional Human Rights activists, Gender activists and media practitioners.
  1. To network with Governmental and NGO’S with similar objectives and well-wishers in the country and abroad to foster development and raise the status of families as well as achieve solidarity.

To reach these objectives, the activities of the organization are implemented under the following programmes: capacity building, advocacy and protection.


Our ultimate goal is to focus on gender equality; in view of addressing the root causes of Gender Based Violence in homesteads and communities. This will be attained through focusing on men and boys as the entry point for protection and promotion of the inherent fundamental human rights of all members that constitute a family and a community. This will deepen the propagation of family stability for sustainable development.