MFADVU U deploys a comprehensive media strategy to raise the profiles and the visibility of Gender Based Violence in Uganda to ensure gender equality and access to justice in cases of violations. Through media, lobbying and campaigning, the organisation puts its weight on sensitizing men on their family responsibilities.

An effective strategy is deployed to increase the profile of rights of men, women and children. National solidarity is promoted as well as information shared and awareness arose on relevant issues across a variety of technological mediums. A wide base of contacts has been built with the media to reinforce and institutionalize networking.

The organisation also lobbies national and international policy and decision makers on gender equality in accordance with international human rights standards. Further efforts are made to engage with authorities and relevant institutions on national level such as Parliament, Probation offices, Police particularly Child and Family Protection Units, Family courts among others. A comprehensive strategy is to target policy change and strengthening of enforcement mechanisms of gender equality.